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Pizzanet software for take-away pizza.
The web application for the management of power!


Pizzanet is a Touch Screen management software ideal for take-away pizza.
A perfect combination of high performance hardware and software ease of use.
Each terminal has a powerful computer and a touch-screen monitor to LCD panels, allowing the insertion and display data with a simple press of the keys on the screen itself, without having to resort to using the traditional keyboard.

Extremely simple and fast, the management of the controls on the screen travels with a simple press of the finger. In this way there will be no more errors, disputes or delays.

Pizzanet main features are as follows:

-Web application
-Management of the ovens with schedules for deliveries
-Houses with google maps-multi-warehousing
-Fully Software configurable
-Management of multiple commands
-Print to custom departments with dedicated printer
-Integration with the web app for online pizza orders
-Configurable Department printing
-Customer Recognition by calling
-Cash Management

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After filling the form you will be contact from us and if you will buy the management software for takeaway pizza you will receive free the web app for ordering on line!

The INTERFACE WITH NATIVE WEB PIZZANET will allow you to receive real-time order online on your terminal and handle it in the correct time, in perfect sync with the other orders, so that there are no problems in the management of delivery .